ECS Tuning: ISSE Wheel Textile Snow Chains

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If you live in an area where snow and ice are a concern, you only had a few options. With traditional tire chains, installation difficulties, poor ride quality, and potential damage to the wheels and tires made them impractical. Other options such as cables shared those problems. Snow tires are expensive and not suitable for driving after winter.

Now there is a new solution. These textile tire chains, or tire socks, offer a solution that does no damage to wheels or tires and are easy to install. The technology lies in removing excess water between your tires and snow and increasing the contact surface. Because some states will not allow traditional chains within certain months, be prepared with these ISSE Snow Socks. Easily machine washable to remove soiling from use.

Does no damage to pavement or driveways. To travel safely, it is recommended not to drive over 30 mph with snow chains. This is a constant factor between all traditional types of snow chains and the ISSE Snow Socks.

*Please confirm tire size before ordering

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5 thoughts on “ECS Tuning: ISSE Wheel Textile Snow Chains

  1. @fartman10284 The …
    @fartman10284 The purpose of these textile snow chains are not to replace SNOW TIRES, they are a better alternative to snow chains. If you live in an area that regularly receives large amounts of debilitating snow, snow tires may be required.

  2. Driving on all- …
    Driving on all-seasons in the snow/ice = FAIL. All the cars shown are on All-seasons. At least the video shows that AWD plus All-season = FAIL. Don’t post the video on the Vortex….. will not help your cause to sell them. Just more people commenting the same manner on the video

  3. @flatblackbeale: …
    @flatblackbeale: You mean aside from the obvious reason? Like it says in the details, “Snow tires are expensive and not suitable for driving after winter.” Additionally, some of us live where snow isn’t anything but random.

  4. \/ are you kidding? …
    \/ are you kidding? buy extreeeeem summer tires and then just throw those over the top…easy as pie

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