Mita Tire Chains

0 Mita Tire ChainsMita tire chains: Very awesome

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13 thoughts on “Mita Tire Chains

  1. @Jakstr1981

    That’s the only and proper way.
    Be shure you assembled it right for your tire size.
    In the manual you will find how many parts you need, but is not correct.
    for example;
    my tire size 185/70/14, manual says only one shorter connection, and I needed to put 7 short connection to get it right.
    chains must fit tight, no moving, no loose.
    otherwise you might have problems.
    When we will see your impreza with chains in action ?

  2. @grrunf Understood. …
    @grrunf Understood. I did have to tweak the links to get them on my old Impreza.

    It has been an unusually warm winter for us and we haven’t seen more then a dusting of snow. The first time I get conditions that are worthy of the chains I’ll be sure to kick out a video with them on.

  3. @Shamski92 Each …
    @Shamski92 Each container has enough to do two standard size car wheels which is perfect for front wheel drive cars. If you have rear wheel drive or AWD you might look at a second set, but I wouldn’t say that it’s mandatory.

  4. @Jakstr1981 Pricey. …
    @Jakstr1981 Pricey. I’ll stick with my Walmart brand chains for my Corolla haha.

  5. @firedragoncow1234 …
    @firedragoncow1234 Scratch that. I’m looking at their site now and they’re listed at 280,00 Euro, so ~$385 USD. This does include shipping which was quite fast for my order.  I would expect prices to go up with demand during the winter and probably drop considerably when/IF they get a reseller in the U.S. This is a guess though.

  6. @firedragoncow1234 …
    @firedragoncow1234 Currently 270,00 Euro or around $370 USD.

    Not cheap, but after buying a set I’m confident that they’ll server me well. I don’t have to worry about them coming apart when I don’t want them to. They should be easier to transport then some other designs as well. I’ll be making the belts, wrapping them in a towel, and then laying them around my spare tire. The towel will just be to keep them from jingling.

  7. @TheOriginalBleachX …
    @TheOriginalBleachX Building them can be done anywhere, but I agree. I’d guess the best thing to do would be to make the chains you’ll need while at home and store them in the car that way. That’s what I plan on doing. I may break each chain in half to make it more manageable. Most cars will probably only have 1 set of 2 chains as well. I have two sets because I have an Impreza on Summer performance tires and can make use of them.

  8. @josephmolin I went …
    @josephmolin I went through Have you tried a different browser? 

  9. Looks like a pain …
    Looks like a pain in the butt to deal with. I can’t imagine being out in the snow, hit an area that might be good for the chains, get out and spend how long to put all that together for 4 tires and then put them on? I think you’d freeze first.

  10. I was trying to buy …
    I was trying to buy these from blumic and wasnt able to complete the order could you link where you bought them from, Im in the united states aswell

  11. @Jakstr1981 – I’m genuinely fascinated to hear if someone is actually using these chains and thinks they are worth it. I bought a set because I thought they would be best for grip and expected them to be OK to fit, but I was totally unable to make them work. Also, trying to put them on in the cold the damn things started to fall apart (the silicon strips just didn’t do the job) making it all too much like hard work. Yours seems about the only positive real life experience I’ve been able to find on the Internet, have you used them for real yet? I wonder what I was doing wrong.

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