Snow chains and studded tires are illegal in Michigan, what else can I use against ice?

I just had an accident because the road was icy, there was nothing that I could do to control the car.
In Europe were I used tire chains it wouldn’t have happened. Tire chains are illegal here in Michigan, what else can I do to make my car more manageable on ice?

6 thoughts on “Snow chains and studded tires are illegal in Michigan, what else can I use against ice?

  1. Recheck the tire stud rule.

    "The department of state highways and transportation shall promulgate rules establishing acceptable standards to permit the use of a tire with studs or other traction devices to be used on a street or highway after April 1, 1975. The rules shall make separate provision for the extreme winter snow and ice conditions of the Upper Peninsula and the Northern Lower Peninsula. The rules shall include a restriction on the amount and dimension of protrusions that may be allowed on a tire, the type of material that may be used in a stud, traction device, or tire, and the amount of road wear that a tire with studs or other traction devices may cause on a street or highway."
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  2. You got nothing. I can’t imagine outlawing studded tires! Jesus Christ. How dumb are these people?
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  3. i can,t understand why studded tires would be illegal. they are legal her in PA the only thing is that you have to have them off by april 15th. the only thing i can tell you is put mud and snow tires clean around your car. i would be checking in on the studded tires rule. as for chains i could understand that but studded tires should be okay.
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  4. Bridgestone Blizzak WS-70, Michelin X-Ice2, Continental Extreme Winter Contact – these are all capable ice tires.
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  5. You had an accident on ice because you were driving too gawwd dammed fast for the road conditions. You make your car more manageable on ice by slowing down and driving more carefully.

    I’ve been driving in Winter (ice) conditions for 45 years and the only time I’ve gone off road is when i drove like an idiot.

    SLOW DOWN ! ! !
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